About Us

We are Simon and Libby Langford (no relation to Bonny) and met while working in Westminster at a prestigious conference venue: Simon was the catering manager and I worked in the events department. In fact, Simon has always worked ‘in catering’ since his voice broke at 14 and had to hang up his chorister robe and work at the local hotel instead to supplement his pocket-money. His mother then gave him a helping hand to find a permanent job and “not be under her feet” when he finished school at 18. While at this job, in a pub in Kingswear, Devon, Simon gained his chef qualifications and was re-launched into full-time education to complete a hotel management course and has worked for restaurants and large corporate companies before choosing to open a B&B in 2008.

Meanwhile, I changed tack in 1999 and took myself to college to study Visual Art Textiles at Goldsmiths College in London and on graduation set up studio at Cockpit Arts in Deptford. Choosing the colour schemes and textures for the bedrooms in our guest house kept me busy before we opened for business, however, to continue with my passion for textiles I have started to grow plants in the garden that can be used as natural dye plants and I hope to harvest and have a fun using them soon.

Another reason for our move to Devon was the opportunity to have a dog, actually Olive was acquired almost immediately we moved in and Fizz not quite a year later. They are terriers – enough said. Notwithstanding that, having a dog does allow you to meet a lot of people in a short time and we realised very quickly how friendly and welcoming our village is. We hope you feel the same.